Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Duluth

Lasers are coming to be far more popular when treating orthodontic problems. They are used in Soft Tissue Laser treatment to adjust and deal with extra gum tissue in the mouth. The advantages of this particular treatment involve quicker recovery time, decreased bleeding and swelling and a reduced likelihood of infection.

We know that one of the most important assets a person can possess is a fabulous smile. It generates confidence and brings a positive ambiance that can be felt by people around you. Though not everyone is born with that wonderful smile, your life can be transformed with such breakthroughs as Soft Tissue Laser Treatment.

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What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment is an innovative technology for the correction of orthodontic issues. Gum tissue serves as a “frame” for your mouth and treatment with a laser allows us to “shape” gums around the teeth for a more visually appealing look. The versatility of these advanced tools offers an incredibly accurate, more comfortable orthodontic treatment with virtually no pain as well as reduced treatment time.

How Does the Treatment Work?

A problem that is experienced by many patients is gums that extend too far onto the upper front teeth, causing the teeth to seem small. Alternatively, excess gum tissue above the teeth can make teeth appear quite large. Soft Tissue Laser Treatment allows our orthodontists to eliminate that excess gum tissue to make sure that the height of the gums is the most ideal for that person’s appearance, giving them a more symmetrical smile. The laser can eliminate bleeding and seal nerve endings, without the use of a numbing injection, so there is less pain. Inflammation is minimized, which promotes quicker healing and makes the procedure more comfortable for the patient.

Impacted teeth can also benefit from the use of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment. When teeth are impacted, concerns like infection can occur and perhaps even leading to jaw misalignment. This treatment is often used to help the impacted teeth to safely grow into the mouth, and proper alignment of the tooth will probably be necessary after the laser procedure.

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