Professional Orthodontists
In Duluth, GA

At our practice in Duluth, GA our priority is to enhance your dental health and self-image with the help of a complete, thorough examination and diagnosis, in order to give you a personalized treatment plan, excellent maintenance routines and preventative strategies.

Once your treatment is finished, you will not only have the smile you’ve always desired, but will notice that it creates a positive impact on those around you.

Our Orthodontics Duluth Services

Today, current advancement in the Orthodontics field enables us to correct the alignment of teeth in addition to improving your overall facial structure, providing you with an even more appealing visual appeal. We offer a number of solutions to fill your personal desires.

Self-Ligating Braces

Self-Ligating Braces are a type of braces that do not utilize ligatures like bands, elastics or metal ties. They are more comfortable than traditional braces because they apply less tension on teeth and enable your teeth to shift more easily.


The Invisalign treatment option is a popular choice today. It makes use of customized aligners that are removable and clear. Your teeth will move more gradually with less pressure than various other types of braces. The aligners should be worn for around two weeks and then removed and replaced with a different set.

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Surgical Treatment

Although orthodontic treatment is ordinarily used to align or reposition teeth, at times surgical treatment might be needed. This generally occurs in more serious instances that can involve severe malocclusions (misalignments) or irregularities with the jaw bone.

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Highly Trained, Experienced Orthodontists

We know that orthodontics is a specialty that is ever-changing. In order to make certain that you obtain only true quality in your procedure, our highly trained, experienced orthodontists offer the highest quality, most innovative techniques and equipment currently available. We strongly believe in regularly being involved in broadening our expertise and skills through continuing education in our industry.

We want you to feel like family here at our practice and will be beside you each step of the way to respond to your questions and help make your experience as pleasant as possible. We are thrilled to watch our patients as their self-assurance grows as they enjoy a new and stunning smile.

Why Choose Our Orthodontics Duluth Services?

We Care For Your Pocket

Getting your teeth straightened is no doubt a great idea in boosting
your oral health but the thought of how much you’ll incur in the treatment
might sometimes scare you stiff. But with us, you don’t have to contemplate hard whether or not to have the procedure administered.

Our treatment packages are well designed to meet the needs of different dental problems in patients but come at reasonably cheaper costs. And  our payment options are very flexible to allow get through the process hassle-free.  

So if your teeth are not structured perfectly as you would want them to, just get in touch with us and we’ll discuss the cost  before we commence the treatment.

Duluth,  GA

If you want to find the right team for your orthodontics experience, turn to our professionals. We are ready to take any action possible in order to make you feel better about your everyday life.

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